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Leading entrepreneurs connecting with world-class organizations to foster growth and create business opportunities.

Our members boost their bottom lines every year by taking advantage of discounts and special offerings from EO’s partner organizations.

As an EO member, you will gain access to tremendous benefits that will enhance your EO experience and drive growth and excellence in your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Member fees comprise both Global and chapter dues. Global dues are currently US$3088 (plus a one-time US$2500 initiation fee) and are prorated based on the fiscal month you join. Local dues for the EOIE chapter are currently US$3125 which are also prorated based on the fiscal month you join (plus a one-time US$750 initiation fee).

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Each year, your chapter will conduct an annual requalification. If you sell your business or dip below the requirements, we have options for you to continue in membership.

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What is the value of a new connection or idea that completely changes your business? What are you willing to invest in yourself, and your growth as a leader? The ideas, support and connections you receive will more than cover the amount you spend. You’re paying to better your business and better yourself as a leader. More than half of our members have indicated that they are “members for life,” so clearly others find the investment worthwhile!